Lori & Todd: Presidio Wedding Photography in San Francisco

There aren’t many places without palm trees where you can have a warm wedding in December. But as Lori, Todd and I were walking back from a sunset photo session above the Pacific Ocean, we couldn’t help but marvel at how great it felt to be outdoors.

Lori and Todd’s San Francisco wedding had the best of both kinds of Winter. Leaving the warm, windless bluffs, we headed to the Presidio’s Log Cabin for the reception. The entire place was decked out in holiday decorations. Frosty centerpieces, glowing Christmas trees and a warm fireplace made it hard to believe it wasn’t cold and snowy outside.

After shooting Lori and Todd’s San Francisco engagement photos, I knew their wedding would be a highlight of the Holiday Season. With a large wedding party of close friends, a Triumph “Just Married Getaway Car”, and an incredible sunset by the Bay, it surely was.

Lori and Todd, a big ‘Congratulations’ to you both!


Bride looking in the mirror before her wedding in San Francisco.Bride looking in the mirror at St. Johns Church in San Francisco.First look photograph of the bride and groom.Photograph of the groomsmensPhotograph of the wedding ceremony inside St. JohnGroomsman blowing bubbles after the wedding. Photograph of the bride and groom with their Photograph of the bride and groomBest man making a speech and a toast at the wedding reception at the Log Cabin.Bride and groom during the toasts and speeches at the Log Cabin.Bride and groom making a speech after the wedding reception toasts.Wedding guests love the atmosphere of the Log Cabin near the Presidio.Wedding guest dancing at the reception.Wedding guest dancing on the dance floor of the reception.Photograph of the wedding reception at the Log Cabin.

Bride dancing at the recption near the Presidio.

Groom dancing to Footloose at his wedding recpetion.The candy and cake table at the Log Cabin wedding venue.The Bride and her friends dancing at the Log Cabin in San Francisco.Weddings in the Presidio District of San Francisco.Bridesmaid photograph from a wedding in San FranciscoPhotography of dancing and partying at the wedding reception.

Photograph of a wedding guest at the Log CabinWedding party after the San Francisco Wedding.Wedding photography portrait with the Golden Gate Bridge of San Francisco.


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