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Weddings in Lake Tahoe :: Lake Tahoe Portrait and Wedding Photographers

Wedding Photography Background

Initially studying photography in his highschool years, Chris Werner has spent the past 15 years traveling and photographing people and places all over the world. In those days, digital photography had not even been introduced on a mass consumer level; film photography was the standard. Clicking the shutter was just the beginning. Once the film had been exposed, the negatives had to be developed in a darkroom. Once the negatives had been developed, they were placed individually in an enlarger and exposures were made on photographic paper. Then each exposed sheet of photographic paper had to be developed in a series of chemical baths. Although the process was time-intensive, laden with chemical-intensive steps and always subject to user error, great satisfaction could be had from a finished print. Although digital photography is the accepted standard today, having a background in film photography only adds to a deeper understanding of the photographic process and the history of the art itself.

Photojournalism and Wedding Photography

Having grown up overseas-and in the course of extended sojourns abroad in later years- Chris has photographed people, places and landscapes from the common to the exotic. From subject-aware headshots to candid, photojournalistic style portraits, he has discovered that of all his subjects, people continue to be a favorite. When you spend enough time in a foreign place, the exotic becomes more common. When you realize that the shift in perception is just a function of perspective, you begin to find the exotic in that which is normally familiar. This is where a wedding photographer's eye is developed.

Documentary Wedding Photographers, Creative Wedding Photography and the best Wedding Photographers in Tahoe

The days of posed and contrived wedding photography are over. Chris Werner Photography believes strongly in presenting you- the bride and groom- with a collection of wedding images that capture the true story and spirit of your day. Using a photojournalistic approach, we don't believe we need to interrupt or control any part of your wedding day. We may step in briefly simply to try to take advantage of an incredible scene or setting. But other than than, we let the story unfold naturally. Many wedding guests say they don't even remember us being there. If we can capture the most important moments of your wedding celebration without interfering, we have succeeded. If we can present those moments to you from a unique, creative perspective that truly captures the magic, energy and joy of your wedding, then we are thrilled. And we're sure you will be as well.

Giving you the best in Lake Tahoe Wedding Photography

Helping your day run smoothly is our priority. Chris Werner Photography is built on the belief that you deserve the best we have to offer, from the very beginning. From your complimentary wedding photography consultation and your engagement photography session to your wedding day itself and beyond, we plan to provide our very best. We aim to provide as much information as possible to help you choose your wedding photographer. Planning a wedding involves coordinating numerous other wedding vendors as well, and we are happy to help advise about other wedding professionals in the area. From choosing a wedding ceremony area to a wedding reception venue, to finding an incredible wedding planner, the choices can be overwhelming. We're here to help. We can recommend a variety of Lake Tahoe wedding vendors, including:Tahoe wedding resorts, Lake Tahoe caterers, Lake Tahoe florists, Lake Tahoe wedding djs, Lake Tahoe wedding celebration and party rental companies, Lake Tahoe wedding salons and spas and Lake Tahoe wedding cake companies and bakers.

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