Natasha and Luke’s Armenian wedding at the Hyatt brought a rich heritage of Armenian wedding traditions to the lake. I have never seen the Hyatt look as grand as it did that evening. Needless to say, a big kudos to Tahoe wedding planner Felicia Gantar! Aside from a gorgeous setting, this was a day full of music and dancing at every turn. All in all, this wedding was a change of pace from the majority of weddings in Lake Tahoe. Rarely does a bride have her own group of musicians following her around. And it’s not everyday that you see this much family love in one place. And I don’t mean just mingling and hanging out, I mean going all out on the dance floor!

If you want a wedding right on the water, the Hyatt is one of the best venues in North Lake Tahoe. Certainly, accommodation is easy and the catering is superb. Perhaps you didn’t know that they offer multiple ceremony sites. And even if you host your reception in one of their ballrooms, there are still huge windows that look out onto the water. No matter how you configure your event, your wedding guests are going to have an amazing time.

In brief, I would be thrilled to photograph another Armenian wedding. In the event that it’s in Lake Tahoe, even better. So long as I can get down to sweet Armenian beats, I’m game.

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Chris Werner photographs weddings throughout Northern California and beyond. He is available to photograph your wedding just about anywhere. Searching for Anguilla wedding photographers? He’ll even go there. Whereas you might be looking at other Northern California venues, he can tell you about a Berghold winery wedding he once shot in Lodi. Similarly, this Beatnik Studios wedding was at a really neat venue.

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