For more than a few reasons, I resonated with Megan and Ben right from the beginning. Namely, Ben grew up in Woodside. As did I. Although based in the San Francisco Bay Area, they had plans to move to the mountains at the first opportunity (spoiler alert, they now live down the road from us). Aside from these shared details, they both have an understated, down-to-earth demeanor. Owing to the coronavirus pandemic, a big Tahoe celebration was on hold. So, they opted instead for an intimate backyard Bay Area wedding.

After weighing options, they decided Ben’s family home would be a perfect venue. I could’t agree more. A shaded poolside patio offered plenty of space for parents and siblings. The peaceful, natural setting spoke well of their own personalities. Additionally, Ben’s sister was certified- ready to lead the ceremony and keep everything official.

Small weddings like this are so much fun to photograph. Inevitably, I find more space and time to capture the meaningful details, expressions, and moments of a couple’s story. In this case, I loved photographing Ben and his family as he put the final touches on his suit and tie. During their first look, Megan and Ben shared some beautiful expressions seeing one another all dressed up. Not to mention some funny moments trying to keep dirty dog paws off Megan’s dress!

Our stroll around the property was an ideal time to photograph them together in this idyllic setting, lit with the glow of coastal afternoon light. Here are some of my favorite photos from their day. Be sure to scroll all the way down to see the amazing light in the last photo!

Beyond This Backyard Bay Area Wedding: More Big-Hearted, Intimate Celebrations

Are you planning a backyard Bay Area wedding? Or perhaps a smaller, more intimate celebration? For the record, “small” does not mean less. Intimate weddings and elopements have surged in popularity recently. Fortunately, many couples are discovering that a smaller guest list often means more time to be truly present. Fewer faces to meet and greet often results in more meaningful interactions. We could all use some of that in our lives.

This Sacramento backyard wedding came before the pandemic. But the beautiful setting at the groom’s family home is truly unique. This Sugar Pine Point wedding in Lake Tahoe is another great example of a right-sized celebration. The crowd may be “small”, but the emotions and special memories are equally as big.

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