Best Lake Tahoe Wedding Photographers

‘Fearless Photographers’ is a group of international photographers. Its members strive to create extraordinary wedding photography. The curators of the group hold regular image contests. To summarize, the criteria are fearless photojournalism and amazing imagery. Not to mention artistic innovation. The best Lake Tahoe wedding photographers strive for all these things.

I joined this online directory of photographers a couple months ago. I was just in time to enter the Round 09 Contest. While there isn’t a 1st, 2nd or 3rd place, all the photos that win exhibit awesome-ness of some kind. Judges award photographs that excel in redefining wedding photography or are just darn amazing! They select less than one out of ten images.

Looking through all the Round 09 contest winners, I saw one of my own. I made this photo at Wendy and Abe’s Northstar-at-Tahoe wedding. Not bad for a first-timer. And what an honor to see one of my own shots next to the incredible work of the world’s best.


Best Lake Tahoe Wedding Photographers


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  1. Michelle Tracey says:

    AWESOME!!!! I am a little behind on the news of your photo award.
    I must say, I am not surprised. You have an amazing eye Chris and a sensitive soul in many ways:) Again..CONGRATULATIONS!!!

  2. Michelle Tracey says:

    Cool shot and congratulations on the photo award! I am not surprised you are winning things, you have a true gift for “SEEING” people.

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