Best Tahoe Wedding Photographers

The Wedding Photojournalist Association (WPJA) announced the winners from their 2011 Q4 Contest this past weekend.  To sum up, I am totally thrilled to have placed in 2 categories. Wedding photographers from all over the world submit images to the WPJA 4 times a year. I won’t even guess how many photos are submitted to these contests. But my sense is that it’s a lot. For my first time submitting ever, I’m pretty psyched! I am always trying to be one of the best Tahoe wedding photographers.

I submitted an image from Lori and Todd’s wedding in San Francisco. This photo placed 10th in the “Transportation” category. I submitted another image from Megan and Kris’ mountain chateau wedding in Colorado. That photo placed 16th in the “Bouquet/Garter” category. These were both personal favorites from last year. All in all, it feels great to get a little bit of recognition among some of the world’s best photographers.


Best Lake Tahoe Wedding PhotographersBest Lake Tahoe Wedding Photographers


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  1. Patti Page says:

    We already knew you were World Class!

  2. Ben Werner says:

    Well, I’m not surprised, and your clients wouldn’t be either, I expect.

  3. I love your work and I hope you win. Both those shots have so much character and emotion I think you have a good shot.

    The guy clutching his fists after he caught the garter is classic. Perfect timing, and lighting.

    I really dig the bride and groom racing away with the motion blur in the background but sharp picture of the couple. And her big expression is great.


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