Chalet View Lodge Wedding: Chrissy + Jon

Wow- where do I even begin with this one?! Sometime before Chrissy and Jon’s wedding in Graeagle, I reviewed my notes from our very first phone call. Of course, there were lots of details about their timeline, how they selected their venue, and even how they got together.

But most of my notes were about their priorities for the wedding. Jon explained that the most important thing about the wedding for him was families being able to spend time together. And the opportunity to spend a lot of time with their favorite people at this awesome outdoor venue. Chrissy wanted photos that captured the two of them living in the moment, having the best time ever. I wrote all of this down, and then scribbled in the margin, “BIG PARTY”.

As a Tahoe wedding photographer, these are the kinds of events I live for. All out celebrations in the mountains. As I went through the massive number of photos from this wedding, I chose these favorites for this slideshow. I believe these photos tell the story of an amazing day with family and friends, and I love that they capture exactly the kinds of wedding day moments Chrissy and Jon were dreaming of.