Climbing Aconcagua

This past month we went back to the shady Argentinean city of Mendoza. From there, we geared up for another ascent of South America’s tallest peak. Aconcagua tops out at 22,841′. It is the highest mountain in the world outside of Asia’s Himalaya and Karokoram ranges. Which means that no matter who you are, you’d better eat your Wheaties. And either before or after climbing Aconcagua, you might as well grub some red wine and steak too.

Members of The Last Well group made up this year’s Sierra Mountaineering International trip. Tackling big mountains is one of the ways they raise money for their cause. In essence, their efforts fun wells to provide clean drinking water to the people of Liberia. Liberia is one of the world’s poorest countries. Roughly half of the population lacsk clean drinking water. That means nearly 2 million people. Considering that countless other development issues are connected to the availability of safe drinking water, this project has far-reaching implications.

Needless to say, altruism breeds goodwill. Not to mention good energy. And good humor. A positive attitude carried this group up the slopes of Aconcagua. Similarly it spilled over into every other aspect of this trip. When you’re spending two weeks on a mountain, the journey is about so much more than the highest point on the map. It’s about the people you’re with along the way. Congratulations to the Last Well Aconcagua Team of 2011. Thank you for making this year’s climb a good one!

Climbing Aconcagua in South America.

Climbing Aconcagua, Argentina

Crossing the bridge at Las Lenas, Climbing Aconcagua.

Inside the mountain hardware mothership tent

Climbing Aconcagua photo.

Climbing Aconcagua basecamp.

Climbing Aconcagua in Argentina

Climbing Aconcagua bouldering photo.

Climbing Aconcagua bouldering photo.

Lindsey Fixmer Climbing Aconcagua.

Karsten Delap Climbing Aconcagua.

Climbing Aconcagua in Argentina.

Climbing Aconcagua

Climbing Aconcagua

Climbing Aconcagua

Climbing Aconcagua photo.

Climbing Aconcagua

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  1. mark smiley says:

    Awesome photos, makes me want to go, even though it looks super windy! nice work down there.

  2. Absolutely amazing! Definitely makes you want to go!!!

  3. Lori Chesley says:

    Fantastic photos, per your usual! And what a great cause. Thank you for sharing, and we’re glad you made it home safe and sound!

    Lori & Steve

  4. Helen Cowley says:

    Hi Chris, Hedi

    Miss you loads guys, thanks for amazing time on the mountain…..

    Can not wait to see the pictures

    Can not wait to the next adventure with you guys and kurt …..

    Helsy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    1. Hey Helen- Thanks for saying ‘Hi’!
      We just got back from Africa last night. Pictures to come!

    1. Hi Sol- Thanks so much for stopping by! Hope you and Matt are having a great March 🙂

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