Hyatt Lake Tahoe Wedding: Lindsey + Shawn

When I arrived at the Hyatt on Lindsey and Shawn’s wedding day, I first checked in with Lindsey to see how she was doing. I also asked how things were going with the guys, and if she thought Shawn might be at all nervous about the big day. Shawn’s mom, Bonnie (who was also getting ready in the bridal suite) noted, “I’ve never seen Shawn nervous about anything”. Naturally, I had to ask, “have you ever seen Shawn get married? As it turned out, Bonnie knows a thing or two about her son. And she called it correctly.

The slideshow below is really what you’re here for. So, without further ado here are the most important details! On this day I photographed a group of beautiful people having an awesome time in the one of the best places on Earth. Two people who love each other very much were married. They hugged. They kissed. And they danced. Congratulations, Lindsey & Shawn!