Lake Tahoe Bear

A Lake Tahoe bear knows a good BBQ when he smells one. During the Sierra Nevada’s recent barrage of Spring snowstorms, a High Sierra black bear turned up at a street-side party.

Despite initial reactions of caution, Tahoe locals attending the event stepped aside. They quickly shared sizzling hot dogs, summer sausage, and steaming fondue. In addition they even shared a bit of fireside warmth with the foraging creature.

“We do our best to stay out of the way of bears in the backcountry”, said Tahoe local Heidi Hauenstein. “But when a cold and wet bear comes right up to your BBQ and sniffs your sausage, you better move over and make some room.”

Accounts vary as to which BBQ item he seemed to like most. But everyone we asked agreed he’s welcome back anytime.

Lake Tahoe bear attends BBQ party

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  1. Lori Chesley says:

    What a well-equipped bear! He’s smart to wear boots – the terrain can be rough out there. Seems like he was friendly enough but his eyes seem a little vacant…

  2. Ben Werner says:

    Your Tahoe bears look a bit different than the ones I see in Santa Barbara

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