Are you researching Lake Tahoe wedding venues? If so, you probably know that a Chambers Landing wedding is a pretty awesome event! In fact, the first time I saw this lakefront Lake Tahoe venue, I was blown away. Just north of Sugar Pine Point, Chambers Landing sits proudly on an idyllic sandy beach. It feels like you are on a secluded alpine island. Except, of course, that you can get there by car. And they have crazy tropical cocktails. In addition to incredible lakefront views, Chambers Landing also boasts some interesting history from the turn of the last century. Pull up your boat to the pier. Order yourself a famous “Chambers Punch.” Then, imagine the early days when John Muir was a regular guest at Chambers Lodge!

Like many couples that choose a Lake Tahoe wedding, Tracy and Tim visit the lake throughout the seasons. But it was winter that changed the pace of a friendship and brought them closer together. To be sure, this is not the first time I have heard of winter storms and cozy cabins bringing people together. When we met for coffee the spring before their wedding, I could see that putting these two in a cabin together would definitely do the trick. They are both gregarious and live life with a rare exuberance. I could see right away that a snowy cabin weekend would be sure to turn them on to each other.

Going the more traditional route, Tracy and Tim opted not to see each other before the ceremony. Which made Tracy’s wedding entrance classy and dramatic. After Tim and the wedding party arrived, all eyes turned towards the Chambers Landing pier. For a Lake Tahoe wedding photographer, this was surely one of the most memorable scenes of the day. Against the incredible backdrop of Lake Tahoe, Tracy and her dad walked along the pier and made their way to the wedding ceremony. I loved how joyful Tim and Tracy were as they exchanged vows. And I will always remember the sound of Tim’s bellowing laugh as they spent the evening catching up and partying with friends and family.

Lake Tahoe Wedding Photographer: More Wedding Stories from the Lake

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  1. Such a lovely couple. This wedding looks really fun. Loved the images!

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