Eloping in Lake Tahoe is really special.

Crystal blue waters and a secluded, sandy beach. A lofty granite ridgetop with views of distant peaks. Maybe a quiet clearing in a forest of towering pine trees. What if you skipped the big, traditional wedding? What if you chose this as your wedding venue instead?

I am a professional Lake Tahoe elopement photographer and I want to help you have a beautiful, memorable day in one of the most beautiful places on Earth.

A couple that decided to elope on a mountain in Lake Tahoe share a sunset kiss.
An elopement at Sugar Pine Point in front of Hellman Ehrman Mansion at sunset.
A trash the dress photoshoot the day after a wedding in Lake Tahoe.

Make the day an adventure that you want.


Eloping in Lake Tahoe can be the perfect adventure of your own choosing. It could be just the two of you. Perhaps a couple of close friends will be there too. Depending on how you feel, you may decide to share the experience with immediate family as well. The most important thing is that you decide how it goes.

For many couples, a Lake Tahoe elopement means less stress about other people’s expectations. It means more freedom to experience a day that authentically reflects who you are. There are many places to elope in Lake Tahoe that are not far from the car. On the other hand, what if you made it a longer outing? A little bit of hiking often means fewer crowds, better views, and more time to enjoy the experience together.


Instead, I’ve worked with many couples who have chosen the more low key approach of a private elopements


Discreet is my middle name! I pay attention to the details and go out of my way to get to know you and your closest circle. Your experience is my priority.


When you come back down to earth, you’ll want something beautiful to hold in your hands. I offer a variety of albums that you can enjoy in your home and share with your loved ones.

“IT WAS SO FUN having Chris along for the ride. We really treasure those images.”

I love photographing one-of-a-kind adventures! No matter how you choose to get married, I capture the honest moments that reflect your connection and the uniqueness of you with candid, natural-looking photos.

planning your dream


The most important part of the day is the two of you.

But since you’re in charge, how do you imagine some of the details of your elopement? What time of year is it? Are you near the water, or are you up in the mountains? Do you want other people to be there with you? Are there any fun activities you want to do during your visit to the area? Depending on your vision, planning your dream Lake Tahoe elopement can be as simple or detailed as you like.

Lake Tahoe is a large area and there are always a few logistics worth keeping in mind. I photographed my first wedding in Lake Tahoe more than ten years ago. Photographing countless weddings of all sizes over the past decade means I can help make your dream Lake Tahoe elopement come true.

Perhaps you are wondering, how accessible are the most beautiful places to elope in Lake Tahoe? How do we get there, and how long does it take?

Taking into account that half of Tahoe is in California and the other half is in Nevada, what are the permit requirements at different locations around the lake? 

What if it is raining, snowing, windy, or hailing (this can happen year round)? Is there someone who can perform a unique, personalized ceremony for us, even if they haven’t known us for years?

Lake Tahoe winter elopement in the snow.

My wife & I eloped so I have a few thoughts on tradition and what matters most.

But since you’re in charge, how do you imagine some of the details of your elopement? What time of year is it? Are you near the water, or are you up in the mountains? Do you want other people to be there with you? Are there any fun activities you want to do during your visit to the area? Depending on your vision, planning your dream Lake Tahoe elopement can be as simple or detailed as you like.

Some couples get held up on an outdated definition of what it means to elope. I can relate- my wife and I experienced this ourselves! For months, we considered a large wedding. We went back and forth between locations and guest lists. It was stressful. We didn’t feel like we were making any progress. Most importantly, the more we tried to figure out how to satisfy everyone else’s needs, the less comfortable we felt about being at the center of our own wedding day. Finally, we decided to elope!

The best part of eloping these days is that it looks different for everyone. Ultimately, it should be exactly what you need it to be for YOU. In our case, we signed our marriage license at home in Lake Tahoe. A local officiant married us at a secluded cove on the shores of the lake, with just a couple friends in attendance. A few days later, we did a second version with some immediate family and close friends on a sandy beach in Baja California. Ultimately, we married in a way that felt right for us.

You might choose to invite friends or family to your Lake Tahoe elopement. Conversely, you might choose not to invite or tell anyone about your elopement until you get home. In some cases, couples share their plans, and allow others to support them in other ways. I believe that anyone who loves us will want us to be true to ourselves and be happy.


Your elopement could look like

A couple that decided to get married at Sand Harbor in front of pine trees.

“Chris was phenomenal. He had a high attention to detail and went way beyond our expectations.”



All kinds! One of the best things about working with me is that I support you, regardless of how you choose to share your commitment. So, marry whoever you want, in whatever way celebrates you two best. I’ll be there, cheering you on (and working my magic with the camera).

So said some of my past couples, whose beautiful photos you can see here! For starters, my laid-back personality and calming presence help most people just relax and be themselves. Beyond that, my tried and true techniques take the focus away from me and my camera. Next thing you know, it’s just you two hanging out and having fun. Which always looks good in photos.

I include a complimentary engagement photography session for every couple who books a wedding with me (I know – cool, huh?), because it makes everything go so much smoother on the day. Quite simply, it’s a fun, relaxed way for us to build a relationship and get some practice in front of the camera before your wedding. You will also get an idea of my working style, which will help you feel even more comfortable on your wedding day.

A big plus is you can use these photos for your wedding website, save-the-date cards, invitations, social media, reception guest book, wedding decorations, or even in a special engagement photo album. Win-win!

I typically deliver 70-100 photos per hour that I shoot. But who’s counting? I capture the best moments of your day and I edit them to create a beautiful narrative. No awkward expressions, no blurry photos. Just the good stuff.

Would you like to spend more time with everyone at cocktail hour? If there is enough time and space at your venue that guests won’t see you when they arrive (or you don’t mind if they do), a First Look puts you in the party sooner once the ceremony finishes.

Or, does the traditionalist in you want to save that ‘first look’ for the ceremony? If your group portrait list is short, we can take those photos after the ceremony and get you off to cocktails ‘n guests as soon as possible. Either way, I support your choice and will find the right location and the right light to capture this powerful moment.

We love the mountains because they’re dramatic and beautiful…and that means the weather can be too. Some of the very best wedding photographs I’ve taken have been under umbrellas, with snow falling and wind in the hair. My experience photographing hundreds of weddings in all kinds of conditions means I’ll know how to get the best shots, no matter what Mother Nature throws at us.

Now we’re talking! If you think we’re a fit – you get to be yourselves, and I’ll get busy snapping the chemistry between you and capturing the buzz of your special day in Tahoe – then do get in touch. I get booked up months in advance so let’s start the conversation.

Bride and groom enjoy a cruise on a boat you can rent in Lake Tahoe.

Ready to talk Tahoe?


I am an experienced and friendly photographer specializing in Tahoe engagements and weddings, and I’m ready to document the Lake Tahoe wedding you’ve been dreaming of. My photographs capture the little moments (that are often the big moments) and the unexpected smiles, tears and laughter that every great love story brings.