Groom Boutonnieres

Any wedding with bridal bouquets, bridesmaid bouquets, and other bridal accessories would not be complete without groom and groomsmen boutonnieres. Here are some groom boutonnieres from Lake Tahoe weddings. Hopefully they will give you some ideas as you plan your own event!

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Grey suit and plaid yellow tie for a groom or groomsmanBlack tie suit and Groom BoutonnieresWater polo tie and Groom BoutonnieresDark grey suit and purple tie for a groom or groomsmanWhite rose Groom BoutonnieresPurple bow tie for a groom or groomsmanGrey suit and purple ties for a groom or groomsmanWhite tie and pinstripe suit for a groom or groomsmanGrey suit navy blue tie for a groom or groomsmanBeer and ski tie photoGrey suit and purple tie for a groom or groomsmanBlack tie and white boutonniere idea for a groom or groomsmanGrey suit and silver tie for a groom or groomsman

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Lake Tahoe Groom Boutonnieres

Groom wedding suits and tuxes are one way to coordinate the gents’ outfits with your wedding theme. Likewise, groom boutonnieres and wedding ties are an especially good way to add color and character to your event. In spite of most guys’ aversion to wearing flowers, this is one traditional detail they won’t mind.

In general, you can use the same flowers as those in your bridal bouquets and bridesmaid bouquets. A good florist will certainly have some great ideas for making these unique. In the event you have any special theme as part of your wedding, you can incorporate that as well. Does your groom love fishing? Why not have groom boutonnieres that look like fishing flies and lures? Are you planning a fall wedding? You might have your florist include an acorn or small pine cone as part of the boutonnieres.

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