Album Type: Premium Thick Page

Cover Material: Ludicrous (black leather) from “Fragments” Collection

Binding and Back Cover Material: Passion (red leather) from “All That Jazz” Collection



Click the large image below to to view Janelle & Rob’s Martis Camp wedding album!
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Lake Tahoe Photographers Album

Due to digital cameras and mobile photo technology, it is rare to see a film camera these days. Correspondingly, most of will never develop a roll of film again. We point, click, and then we upload our digital photos on our computers. Inasmuch as computer and hard drive technology changes very quickly, many of us run the risk of losing our favorite digital photos. Rather than face that kind of disappointment, this Lake Tahoe photographers album offers archival quality prints in a beautiful custom book.

Each of these books is truly a custom piece of art. To say nothing of the photos on the pages! Your photographer designs each page one at a time. Each spread is different from the last, in the hope that you will see a unique layout of photos every time you turn the page. You decide which photos go into the album. Similarly, you choose a cover from a large selection of materials such as linen, suede, and leather.

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