Thunderbird Lodge Weddings

I always keep an eye out for wedding venues that stand apart from the rest. Sitting on 6 acres of Lake Tahoe waterfront, the Thunderbird Lodge is a wedding venue surrounded by more mystery, history and intrigue than any other. Put simply, you won’t find a Lake Tahoe wedding venue quite like it. Thunderbird Lodge weddings are less common than those at other venues. Which is to say, this is indeed a special venue.

The eclectic George Whittell built the Thunderbird Lodge in 1936. This Tudor Revival style venue is currently owned and maintained by the Thunderbird Lodge Preservation Society. Whittell lived in San Francisco, a member of a very affluent family. He indulged nearly every one of his material desires. For instance,  he purchased 27 miles of Lake Tahoe coastline on the Eastern shore. He originally planned to develop this extensive plot. But he changed his mind. He decided instead to keep it pristine, except for his own mansion. The list of oddities surrounding George Whittell and his Thunderbird Lodge is long. In particular, it includes a pet elephant, a pet lion, six custom-built Duesenberg automobiles, a 600-ft long secret tunnel, and a 55-ft wooden speedboat.

Wedding Photography and Thunderbird Lodge Weddings

A wedding ceremony right at the edge of Lake Tahoe is rare. Especially when your view encompasses the Sierra Crest and the entire west shore. The wedding photography potential at the Thunderbird Lodge is noteworthy, to say the least. A lakeside lawn sets the stage for an event of up to 120 guests. Stone walkways, unique architecture and boulders rising right out of the water all offer a beautiful backdrop for your wedding. If Lake Tahoe delivers one of its famous sunsets, be ready to stop what you are doing and team up with your wedding photographer for some great photos.




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