Album Type: Premium Thick Page

Specialty Cover: Cherry Wood Panel

Binding and Back Cover Material: Carrigan Leather from “The Basics” Collection


Click the large image below to to view Sasha and Julian’s Hyatt Lake Tahoe wedding album!
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Lake Tahoe Wedding Photographer Album

On the whole, photography changed considerably with the arrival of digital technology. Obviously the new equipment is one major difference. But it is important to realize that how we interact with photographs also changed. Namely, we will not experience a physical copy of a photo unless digital images are printed. For this reason it is especially important to print digital images. A Lake Tahoe wedding photographer album is one of the best ways to do this.

Modern wedding photography albums are beautiful works of art that will last for generations. First, you select your favorite wedding photos. Second, you choose a cover material for your book. Third, your wedding photographer creates a custom layout for all of your pages. Last, you approve the design and the book goes to the printers.

As an illustration, the sample Lake Tahoe wedding photography album above has a wood panel cover that is only available from a professional photography studio. Every page layout is different from the rest, and the construction of the book is guaranteed for life!

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