Lake Tahoe Wedding Photographer: Best Photos of 2019!

As a Lake Tahoe wedding photographer, it is a rewarding process to revisit my favorite photos from the previous wedding season. Life moves fast. Every year it feels like spring slips by and June shows up early. Before we know it, July somehow veers left and lands us as the tail end of August. And when the first snowflakes fly the third weekend of September, it seems the holidays are just around the corner. Without fail, each of these photos carries me back to the moment.

Whether it is because of the light, composition, or the moment, the photos in this slideshow all remind me of something wonderful that happened in 2019. In some cases, it was simply knowing that I worked really hard to capture something special. “Favorite” and “best” are highly subjective. That being said, I am proud of all these images and I hope the beautiful people in them love them as much as I do.