Album Type: Premium Thick Page

Specialty Cover: Bullet Metal Cover with Custom Etching

Binding and Back Cover Material: Brass Monkey Leather from “The Nines” Collection



Click the large slide below to to view Shannon and Scott’s Anguilla wedding photos album!


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Lake Tahoe Wedding Photographers Album

This  Lake Tahoe wedding photographers album sample illustrates the beautiful ways you can print your photos. Aside from high quality archival paper and durable materials, these books are beautiful pieces of art that will last for generations.

As a result of smartphones and digital cameras, more of us take photos than ever before. A point often overlooked is the importance of printing our favorite digital photos. On the positive side, storage is cheap and we can literally store thousands of photos on a small drive. On the negative side, storage technology changes rapidly. Computers crash, and hard drives fail.

If we truly want our memories to live on, it is especially important that we print our favorite photos. Turning the pages of a high quality album is, on the whole, more enjoyable than clicking through image files on a computer screen. By all means, don’t stop clicking away with your phone or camera. To sum up, this Lake Tahoe wedding photographer highly recommends everyone print their favorite photos.

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