Album Type: Photobook

Cover Material: Dusk from “Brocades” Collection


Click the large slide below to to view Diane & Greg’s Squaw Valley PlumpJack wedding album!

Lake Tahoe Wedding Photography Album

For the most part we all store our photos on our computers. It is fast, easy, and all you have to do is plug in your phone or camera. Like magic, the digital files zip away to a hard drive or the cloud. In the long run, we need to be aware of how vulnerable those files can be. Hard drives don’t usually fail. But if they do, your photos might be gone. Sooner or later, that cloud storage solution could go out of business. Maybe not next year. But in the event that is occurs 10 or 20 years from now, what happens to your photos? A printed book like this Lake Tahoe wedding photography album are an ideal solution.

Professional photographers deal with storage issues on a regular basis. After all we need to ensure the safety of our clients photos. With this in mind, we realize that printing digital photos on archival paper is surely one of the best solutions. Physical books, when they are high quality, will become a family treasure. Data can’t disappear from its pages, and the binding can’t short circuit and crash.

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