Ideas & Inspiration: Your Mini Lake Tahoe Wedding Planner

Regardless of where you might be saying “I Do,” here are some great ideas for your own wedding. In general, a lot of planning goes into the details and decorations of a wedding day. Although you may have a Lake Tahoe wedding planner in mind, these photos can help as you navigate the myriad of choices. Perhaps you’ll see something that gets the wheels turning.  By all means, use these ideas to help turn your wedding vision into a reality!


Should You Hire a Professional Lake Tahoe Wedding Planner?

Brides frequently ask me if they should use a Lake Tahoe wedding planner. The first thing to remember is that a wedding day requires a lot of organization. First, you need to figure out your ceremony start time. Since your wedding photography depends on good light, you should know what time the sun sets. Because of the Sierra Nevada topography, sunset times are usually only a guide. In Lake Tahoe, our horizon line is actually the crest of the mountains!

Next, you will want to reference your Lake Tahoe wedding venue’s rules about curfew. In short, you need to know when the party has to stop. If you don’t want the party to stop, you will need a wedding venue that doesn’t have any curfews. In the event you cant find one on your own, a Lake Tahoe wedding planner is a great resource for this task. They usually have a long list of Lake Tahoe wedding venues.

After you figure out a basic timeline for your wedding day, you will need to coordinate all of your Lake Tahoe wedding vendors. Altogether, this may be a long list of wedding professionals. They will all need a specific start and end time for the day.

This is only a small sample of how to organize a big event. In conclusion, your own event will dictate whether or not you need a Lake Tahoe wedding planner. In the event your wedding is very small, or you are a whiz with logistics, you may be able to take charge of everything yourself.

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