There were so many wonderful moments at AJ and Eric’s big day. Where do I begin?! Anyone who loves Lake Tahoe will know something about the secluded “Castle in the Sky.” AJ and Eric’s LGBTQ Tahoe wedding at Thunderbird Lodge was an amazing day that included a castle tour, a lakeside ceremony, a cruise on the famous wooden Thunderbird Yacht, dining by the water, and a dance party in the scenic Lighthouse Room.

After I met AJ and Eric for some adventurous Sand Harbor engagement photos, I knew their wedding would be an incredible day. Let’s just say these guys could throw a celebration in your backyard with two days notice and it would be the biggest party of the year. But to stage such an event at the Thunderbird? They definitely set a new bar at this iconic Lake Tahoe wedding venue. Blue Sky Events pulled off amazing feats with this special event!

Favorite Moments at this Thunderbird Wedding

If I posted photos from every part of this wedding, you might miss your next meal. So, I chose some of my favorites. AJ and Eric both wore a blue tuxedo to their wedding. But with a nod to individuated style and personal tastes, AJ wore a vest and Eric wore suspenders. Truly, the main event at their wedding was the ceremony. The lakeside lawn is the go-to ceremony location for weddings at Thunderbird. You can’t get much closer to the lake. And the views are incredible. During their wedding ceremony, AJ and Eric recounted the first time they met, early signs that they were meant to be together, and the evolution of their relationship over time. I feel comfortable summing it up in three words. MORE. TISSUES. NEEDED.

Among many other things, Thunderbird is known for America’s most recognizable—and possibly most valuable—wooden speedboat. AJ and Eric’s wedding included a cruise on Lake Tahoe in this 55 foot speedboat. The history behind the Thunderbird Yacht deserves a read. As far as I am concerned, the punchline is, “two V-12 Allison aircraft engines, each developing 1100 horsepower.” Before the Captain turns on the ignition, you might want to cover your ears. Especially if you are still inside the boathouse. Joining the grooms, wedding party, and family for photos on a boat like this is definitely one of the best parts of being a Lake Tahoe wedding photographer! After returning to shore, dinner by the water came next. Following toasts, everyone headed upstairs to the Lighthouse Room for music, dancing, and an explosion of colorful confetti as AJ and Eric entered the room.

Experiencing Lake Tahoe’s Thunderbird Lodge

You don’t have to get married at Thunderbird Lodge to find out why this Lake Tahoe wedding venue is so special. You can arrange for private dinners, cruises on the yacht, or dinner at the castle. If you are a student, or part of a private group, you can schedule a tour. These tours cover the fascinating history of this property. You will walk through the 600′ tunnel blasted through granite underground, and learn about the stone masonry that went into building the Thunderbird Lodge. You can learn a little more about why Thunderbird is a great Lake Tahoe wedding venue here. For more, you will have to visit this legendary place yourself!

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