Sierra Nevada Photography

There’s a part of me that wishes I could live quietly in the mountains somewhere, completely free of the technology that we all love. For a week this past month, I got close. Granted, I had the camera with me for this Sierra Nevada photography. I had the sunglasses, the tent and the backpack that allowed me to schlep it all around.

Several days is just a taste, really. With the imprint of the rest of the world still fresh in your mind, it takes longer than that. But in order to achieve what? When you get deep enough into the Sierra Nevada, man-made light can’t reach you. Noises of all things mechanical and automated are lost in the wind long before they get to you. I believe the sounds and silence that remain resonate within even the most urban of us.

Below are a few images I wanted to share. This particular trip put me right up against the Great Western Divide, in the heart of the Sierra. Foxtail Pine trees are generations older than any human. We suspect they live as long as 3000 years. The experience of standing next to one of these ancient organisms, stretched across the sky by hundreds of years of wind, is hard to describe.

Sierra Nevada Photography from Intent Lake, John Muir Wilderness

The Great Western Divide, Sierra Nevada Photography

Dandelions, Sierra Nevada Photography.

Foxtail Pines, Sierra Nevada Photography.

Secret Lake, Sierra Nevada Photography.

Sierra Nevada Photography

Pine Cones from an Ancient Foxtail Grove, Sierra Nevada Photography.

Moonlight over the Great Divide, Sierra Nevada Photography.

Sierra Nevada Photography


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  1. Patti Page says:

    Absoutely beautiful.

  2. Judy Benjamin says:

    Reminds me of “On the Loose,” classic sixties Sierra Club publication. Very moving, Chris.

  3. Read your post and couldn’t resist. Very beautiful, the pictures and the story! It deeply resonated with my heart.

  4. Ben Werner says:

    your effort to “share” is successful, through word and image. I am there for a moment…. thanks.

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