Sara and Ryan are two of the sweetest people I have ever met. And their Tahoe City outdoor wedding rocked the casbah. Needless to say, the gang was all there. And their cover band played the perfect soundtrack for dancing the night away. As far as wedding venues in Tahoe City go, the Tahoe Tree Company is about as idyllic as they come.

The Tahoe Tree Company is actually a nursery first and a wedding venue second. What is the benefit for brides and grooms? Colorful, perfectly manicured plants, bushes, and trees cover the entire property. Moreover, the summer light at the Tahoe Tree Company is better than almost anywhere else in Tahoe City. As sunset approaches, the light gets warmer, softer, and lingers longer here than at most other locations in the area. While other locations lose the sunlight early, the light here is fantastic.

Provided that your wedding venue includes both a ceremony and a reception site, you can save yourself a lot of trouble and time. Mainly, there are fewer logistics. But you can also save yourself a lot of stress on your wedding day. If you’re looking for a gorgeous outdoor setting that is super close to the shores of Lake Tahoe, I highly recommend checking this place out!

Creative Tahoe City Outdoor Wedding
Wedding makeup artist, Tahoe City Outdoor Wedding.
Lake Tahoe wedding hair stylists, Tahoe City Outdoor Wedding.
Tahoe City Outdoor Wedding photo of the groom.
Groom and best man getting dressed in Tahoe City, CA
Groom putting on a bow tie.
Wedding hair flowers idea.
Bride laughing in her wedding dress at a Tahoe City Outdoor Wedding.
Bridesmaids looking at bride, Tahoe City Outdoor Wedding.
Tahoe City Outdoor wedding in the pine trees.
Black and white wedding ceremony photo
Purple bridesmaid dress idea.
Tahoe City Outdoor summer wedding cermony photo
Outdoor Lake Tahoe wedding photo.
Florist idea, Tahoe City Outdoor Wedding
Photo of bride and her brother.
Black and white wedding photos from Lake Tahoe, CA.
Groom kissing bride on the cheek in Tahoe City, CA.
Black and white photo of groom and his aunt.
Tahoe City Outdoor Wedding photo.
Jewish weddings near Lake Tahoe, CA.
Black and white photo of bride and grandfather, Tahoe City Outdoor Wedding.
Mother of the groom dress ideas photo.
Jewish wedding in Lake Tahoe, CA.
Talented wedding photographers Lake Tahoe, CA.
Creative, artistic photo from a Tahoe City Outdoor Wedding.
Black and white wedding reception photo.
Cake cutting photo from Tahoe wedding.
Candid style wedding photos Lake Tahoe.
Best Lake Tahoe wedding photographers.
Wedding photos from Lake Tahoe.
Wedding reception in Tahoe City, CA.
Getting married in Lake Tahoe, CA
Off-white wedding dress idea.
Truckee Wedding Photographers
Wedding party photo from Lake Tahoe, CA
Tahoe City Outdoor Wedding photo of bride and groom.

Chris Werner is a local photographer in Lake Tahoe. Do you live in the Bay Area but envision a wedding in the mountains? First of all, Chris can meet you for San Francisco engagement photos or Napa Valley engagement photos. Conversely, you can meet him locally for Truckee engagement photos. Whereas many photographers are unfamiliar with Lake Tahoe, his experience makes him a great resource for planning a Lake Tahoe wedding. He would be happy to share some ideas for a great celebration.

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