Needless to say, I had fewer wedding photos to edit this past season. So, I took some time to revisit some favorites from the past. A decade as a Lake Tahoe wedding photographer means I have thousands of photos. Among them all, there are a few that always stand out. I never made a routine habit of submitting photos to contests (some thoughts on that here). As a result, most of these personal favorites happily reside in the portfolio on my website. The Wedding Photojournalist Association (WPJA) limits qualified contest entries to the current calendar year. So, older photos are not eligible. But 2020 offered an exception! They created a new contest category, titled “TLC.” This acronym stands for “True Love Captured.” This photo earned a fancy little badge, which I am calling a Tahoe wedding photographer award. It received an award. And I am a Tahoe wedding photographer. Easy math, right?

A Tahoe Wedding Photography Award Does Not Mean a Perfect Photo

I made this photo at a wedding in 2012. Megan and Austin had a South Lake Tahoe wedding at a family friend’s private home. Throughout the entire day, Megan’s special relationship with her friends was clear. At the end of a wedding ceremony recessional, there tends to be a magical, joyous buzz shared by the married couple and their wedding party. I always keep my camera up, ready for big squeezes, smiles, and maybe even a few tears. Fortunately, this moment had all three. Squinty eyes and white knuckles add up to a great hug. Of course, there are some finer details that could be improved on this image. But I am proud that I kept my stick on the ice, as they say, and captured this beautiful moment.

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