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Every wedding package from Chris Werner Photography includes a custom album with wedding photos that you choose. Made by hand, these books are veritable works of art that showcase your favorite images.

Certainly, your collection of wedding photography could simply be stored away on a hard drive. But digging up and sorting through files on a screen will never be the same as enjoying your favorite photos in a gorgeous book. Even as digital photography changes the way we shoot and share images, the best way to enjoy your photos continues to be in printed form.



Click here for Premium Thick Page Album Sample #1: Metal Cover

Click here for Premium Thick Page Album Sample #2: Double Leather

Click here for Premium Thick Page Album Sample #3: Cherry Wood Cover


Click here for Photobook Album Sample #1


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 Tahoe Wedding Photographers Albums

Surprisingly, many people never print their digital photos. Aside from the photos we share on social media, thousands of files remain on our computer hard drives. Rarely does anyone look at them. In the event that your computer crashes, you may lose all of these photos. All of a sudden your record of events and people will be gone forever.

Given these points it is always a good idea to print your favorite digital photos. Accordingly, you should definitely print your wedding photos. A Tahoe wedding photographers albums are a perfect example of what you can do with these photos. After you choose your images, your photographer creates a unique layout for your custom book. Meanwhile, you can select a cover material. This can be one of many different types of fabric and leather materials. Next, you approve the design. In case you have suggestions or want to change something, you can do so.

In reality most of us will never print every one of our digital photos. While that may not be realistic, we should certainly preserve memories from major life events. This definitely includes weddings!

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