Tanzania Safari Photos

When I was 6, we had a subscription to National Geographic. There are three things I haven’t forgotten about that yellow magazine:

1. Its mass. Holding a single issue, sharp edges and crisp corners framed the glossy cover image . It was heavy. The pages were thick and shiny.

2. The way the pages would stick together. And the sound they made when you peeled them apart. Static electricity? Mysterious chemical by-product of the printing press? I’m still not sure.

3. The way the paper smelled. In essence it was sort of a cross between that new car smell and a cologne-cloud I once walked through on an airplane. I Googled this: “Why did National Geographic Magazine smell funny when I was a kid?” Top search results included:

Our library of National Geographic magazines occupied several shelves of the bookcase in the living room. Climbing onto a chair to get closer, I would tilt my head to the right, scanning the table of contents printed vertically on the binding of each issue. I never came down from the bookcase with just one.

This is the second installment in a collection of images from Tanzania. Inspiration that began at an early age. I hope you enjoy them!

Tanzania Safari Photos of monkeys.Tanzania Safari Photos in Ngorongoro CaterTanzania Safari Photos of zebras.Tanzania Safari Photos of a lion.Tanzania Safari Photos of Ngorongoro Crater.Tanzania Safari Photos from Serengeti.Tanzania Safari Photos of a vulture.Tanzania Safari Photos of a monkey.Tanzania Safari Photos of an elephant.Tanzania Safari Photos of an elephants feet.Tanzania Safari Photos of the Serengeti.Tanzania Safari Photos of a monkey.


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  1. Ben Werner says:

    Well, you’ve come full circle – these photos look like they belong in a National Geographic…

  2. Lori Chesley says:

    I’m really enjoying all of the photos! The marketplace shots were great, but the wildlife shots take the cake. I can’t decide which of these I love more – the zebras, the elephant feet or the lonely guy walking in front of all of the flamingos.

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