Truckee Engagement Photography

Abe and I had met here in Tahoe earlier this Spring to discuss their Northstar wedding. Before this shoot, the proverbial ice had been broken. For this Truckee engagement photography session, I was meeting Wendy for the first time. I sensed she was a little apprehensive about the idea of a photo shoot.

Obviously, engagement photography is about two people. But it takes a guy cruising around with a camera to make it happen. The joy that I find during these sessions is when barriers and inhibitions begin to fall away. Not just theirs, but mine as well. It’s really rewarding when you feel anticipation leaving and comfort levels rising. That’s when the creativity really takes off.

We spent the afternoon and evening exploring one of my favorite locations in Lake Tahoe. This Truckee engagement photography location is right at the crest of the mountains. Above Donner Lake the views are incredible and at sunset the light can be gorgeous. Their wedding is right around the corner. After their engagement photography session, I’m definitely looking forward to it.


Truckee Engagement PhotographyTruckee Engagement Photography near Donner Lake.Truckee Engagement Photography above Donner Lake.Truckee Engagement Photography, Lake Tahoe.Truckee Engagement Photography, Lake Tahoe.Truckee Engagement Photography, Lake Tahoe.
Truckee Engagement Photography in Lake Tahoe.Truckee Engagement PhotographyTruckee Engagement Photography near Lake Tahoe.


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  1. geez there is still a ton of snow up there huh?! i’m really liking the shot of the couple holding hands, it has a really nice feel to it.

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