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Premium Thick Page Albums are some of the highest quality books available anywhere. They offer a wide range of premium leather and fabric cover materials. They are far superior than any do-it-yourself option you can buy online. These books feature thick, sturdy pages. This is the ultimate way to preserve, protect, and share your favorite wedding photos.

Cover materials include smooth and textured leathers. You can also choose from all of the fabric materials offered with the Photobook Album. Not to mention a few specialty materials that you won’t find from any other album company.

***Fabric colors, tones, and textures, are sometimes difficult to convey on a  screen. Please call or email for more details about these materials***



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 Wedding Photographers Lake Tahoe Album

When you want the best wedding photographers Lake Tahoe album possible, the Premium Album is your answer. First, the binding  is heavy and durable. Second, the pages are rigid which keeps them from flexing or bending. This is especially important for durability. Third, you can choose from a much wider selection of cover materials than the Photobook. Last, there are several unique cover options like metal or wood. It is important to remember that these “specialty covers” are only available with the Premium Album.

Regardless of which book style you prefer, the most important thing is to print your favorite wedding photos. In order to view and enjoy your professional wedding photos, a physical book is the way to go. It is truly a better option than clicking through photo files on a computer screen. Not to mention the evolution of technology. What if your computer crashes? What if your hard drive fails? Though this is rare, it happens more frequently than you might think.

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