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Megan and Ken’s wedding was a rare treat. When I met them in June for their Yosemite engagement session, Megan and Ken shared some of the plans for their celebration. One detail that stood out was their cake. They were carefully planning to bake and decorate their entire wedding cake themselves. In fact, they had done a trial run already. And they brought a sample along. Because of the delicious the test run, I can’t wait to taste see the final product.

The day began and ended at the Tenaya Lodge at Yosemite. This hotel is right outside the park’s entrance. Wedding guests rode tour buses into the Valley for a ceremony at the Yosemite Valley Chapel. This New England style church dates back to 1879. As a matter of fact, it celebrated it’s 132nd birthday in June. The chapel is a popular Yosemite wedding venue. But it also serves the residents of Yosemite.

The Tenaya Lodge reception featured the same Fall colors as the cake. After dinner they fired up a firepit to roast marshmallows and make s’mores. Nick from AMS Entertainment kept the dance floor busy. Pretty soon, wacky photobooth costumes were on the dance floor.

A special thanks goes out to Santa Barbara wedding photographer Bernd Zeugswetter for making the journey to photograph this wedding with me.


Bride getting ready at Tenaya Lodge, Yosemite Wedding Photographers.

Photograph below by Bernd Zeugswetter

Groom buttoning his shirt, Yosemite Wedding Photographers.Bride getting ready at the Tenaya Lodge, Yosemite Wedding Photographers.Putting on the bride's dress, Yosemite Wedding Photographers.Bride with her maid of honor, Yosemite Wedding Photographers.Yosemite Wedding Photographers, photo of bride with her wedding dress and veil on.Bride walking out of the Tenaya Lodge at Yosemite, shot by Yosemite Wedding Photographers.Bride and father of the bride looking out the window of the car, photo by Yosemite Wedding PhotographersYosemite Wedding PhotographersBride getting his boutonniere, by Yosemite Wedding Photographers.

Next photo by Bernd Zeugswetter

Bride and father of the bride walking down the aisle, photo by Yosemite Wedding Photographers.Wedding ceremony inside the Yosemite Valley Chapel, photo by Yosemite Wedding Photographers.Wedding guest photographing the wedding ceremony in Yosemite, by Yosemite Wedding Photographers.Groom putting the bride's wedding ring on her hand, by Yosemite Wedding Photographers.Groom and bride after saying their vows, photo by Yosemite Wedding Photographers.

Photograph below by Bernd Zeugswetter

Bride and groom greet their wedding guests, photo by Yosemite Wedding Photographers.Yosemite Wedding PhotographersBride holding hands with the groom, photo by Yosemite Wedding Photographers.Bridesmaid holding the bride's veil.

Next photo by Bernd Zeugswetter

Bride laughing after the wedding ceremony, Yosemite Wedding Photographers.Bride and groom kissing on Sentinel Bridge, Yosemite Wedding Photographers.Yosemite Wedding Photographers cake.Yosemite Wedding PhotographersFirst dance photograph of the bride and groom, by Yosemite Wedding Photographers.Yosemite Wedding PhotographersYosemite Wedding PhotographersYosemite Wedding PhotographersYosemite Wedding PhotographersYosemite Wedding PhotographersYosemite Wedding PhotographersYosemite Wedding PhotographersYosemite Wedding Photographers


Chris Werner is a destination Tahoe Wedding photographer, which means that he travels everywhere for weddings. As an example, here are photos from a T Lazy 7 Ranch wedding in Colorado. And here are Anguilla wedding photos from a wedding he photographed in the Caribbean.


  1. Cherie McGrath says:

    Nice to view the preview of Megan and Ken’s wedding. Some interesting shots. Looking forward to seeing all the pictures that you will post.

  2. Ben Werner says:

    Incredible. How do you pull it off every time?

  3. Kat Rowley says:

    Stunning. I wish I could have been there. You look beautiful Megan!

  4. Kelly Trimble says:

    These are beautiful, I’m so glad you were able to capture how stunning and happy Megan looked!

  5. Kazue McGregor says:

    Your photos of Megan and Ken’s wedding are AMAZING!

  6. Joy Thomson says:

    What a gorgeous wedding! Megan you look stunning. and I love the back detail of your dress 🙂

  7. Abby Rocha says:

    What a great job capturing the joy and magic of the weeding. Stunning!

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