While sunshine usually reigns supreme for summer weddings at Lake Tahoe, this intimate ceremony at Gar Woods got a touch of unexpected drama – courtesy of the rain!

This couple booked one of my custom wedding photography packages, with 4 hours of coverage. This was enough time to photograph their arrival, ceremony, and beach reception at Gar Woods.

A couple that decided to get married at Gar Woods enjoys a moment together on the pier.

Ceremony on the Lawn

Steeped in history and boasting a captivating origin story, Gar Woods continues to be a Lake Tahoe icon. Add their legendary stiff drinks, like the Wet Woody, to the mix, and you have a recipe for an unforgettable experience.

Although it may be a smaller venue for weddings compared to the larger resorts, the lakeside setting makes it a very popular spot for couples that want to get married next to Lake Tahoe.

This couple chose the large lawn next to the restaurant to say their vows. Needless to say, the backdrop is gorgeous, and the views are spectacular!

A bride holds her floral bouquet as she waits for the wedding to start.

One of my favorite parts of documenting this wedding was photographing the bride’s nephews. As a dad, I’ve picked a few kid boogers myself 🙂

The bride’s father and brother walked her down the grassy aisle, which was decorated with eucalyptus leaves and rose petals.

A wedding ceremony on the lawn at Gar Woods has views of Lake Tahoe with lush green trees as a backdrop.
A groom wears a black bow tie to dress up an outdoor wedding at Gar Woods.

Since the couple wrote their own vows, they took turns reading them aloud. This is one of my favorite parts of a wedding ceremony and I always keep my camera ready to capture any laughter, tears, or smiles.

As you can see, Lake Tahoe makes a scenic and picturesque backdrop for a wedding!

First kiss as husband and wife at an outdoor wedding ceremony on the lawn at Gar Woods.

The bride’s nephews were first in line to congratulate the happy couple.

Big hugs for the bride from a boy ring bearer.

Just when we thought the clouds might pass, it started raining. At first it was just a few drops. But within a couple minutes, the sky let loose and everyone ran for cover.

A rainy wedding day is good luck, even if your umbrella is broken.

Fortunately, there are a couple small buildings next to the ceremony site. As the thunder rumbled and the rain poured down, the roofs provided shelter and kept everyone dry.

A boy ring bearer catches raindrops with his tongue at a Carnelian Bay wedding.

Before long, we all headed to the beach for the reception.

A bride and groom walk to their beach cove wedding reception at Gar Woods.

Reception on the Beach

Depending on the water level of the lake, you can host a ceremony or reception on the beach cove just west of the pier. Since it was a small, intimate wedding, this couple chose lakeside dining on the sand.

Their guests enjoyed drinks, a few champagne toasts, a delicious meal, and a stunning view of Lake Tahoe. Meanwhile, the boys kept themselves entertained with a variety of activities!

A small wedding enjoys lakeside dining at the Gar Woods beach reception venue.
Two boy ring bearers celebrate during a champagne toast.

As the sun began to set, I captured a few portraits of the bride and groom on the pier.

A bride and groom enjoy a romantic moment next to Lake Tahoe at their Gar Woods wedding.

Once everyone had finished their meals, they enjoyed an evening on the Gar Woods pier with a beautiful dessert table.

Guests enjoy a dessert table on the Gar Woods pier.

Before I left, I captured the moon rising over Lake Tahoe!

Wedding Photography Packages for Small Weddings

Are getting married at Gar Woods? I would love to be your photographer! First, swing by my contact page to check my availability. To see more examples of my wedding photography, head over to my portfolio page.

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