They say that when it rains, it pours. Interestingly, I did not know about Mitchells Meadows before this year. However, I think more Lake Tahoe wedding photographers are learning about this cool venue. As luck would have it I photographed more than one Mitchells Meadows wedding in the same month. Dana and Adam live in Lake Tahoe and spend lots of time outside in the mountains. So, it made perfect sense for them to get married at a beautiful outdoor wedding venue like this. Spending two weekends in a row at Mitchells Meadows also meant that I learned more reasons why this is such a special and unique Lake Tahoe wedding venue.

Whereas some couples get ready at off-site locations, Dana and her bridesmaids took advantage of the main cabin to get ready. Adam and the guys put on ties and jackets in the barn adjacent to the cabin. I loved the directional light coming through the large sliding barn door. It was my first time photographing a groom getting ready with a work bench and power tools in the background. Similarly, the cabin windows let in soft natural light and I found a great spot for some bridal portraits of Dana before their first look.

Unlike many Mitchells Meadows weddings, Dana and Adam exchanged vows in the wide open meadow just past the reception area. Most couples select the lawn ceremony site. Mainly because it is closer to the parking area. There are plenty of outdoor wedding venues in Lake Tahoe, but none quite like the meadow location. The meadow location may be a slightly longer walk for wedding guests. But this ceremony site feels like a mountain meadow world of its own!

Mitchells Meadows Wedding: A Rustic Outdoor Venue for Couples and Lake Tahoe Wedding Photographers

Most couples that get married in Lake Tahoe opt for an outdoor wedding. After all, Lake Tahoe is known for its scenic, natural beauty. For some, this means planning an outdoor ceremony. But for many, the dream is to exchange vows, dine, and celebrate into the night, all under an open sky. A Mitchells Meadows wedding has two picturesque ceremony sites, and a reception area complete with an outdoor dance floor and stage. For couples with the vision of an all-outdoor wedding, this completely fits the bill. For Lake Tahoe wedding photographers, it’s an incredible way to shoot with natural light for the entire day.

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