This past year opened my eyes to the beautiful potential of small weddings in Lake Tahoe. Needless to say, many couples postponed their 2020 celebration. However, many others shifted gears and reimagined their wedding day entirely. LeAnna and Nate’s Eagle Rock Tahoe elopement is a good example. Their original wedding plans involved a popular lakeside venue. Plus friends and family from around the country that would travel to California for the big day. When it became clear this kind of event could not happen anytime soon, they took a step back and reassessed their priorities.

Ultimately, LeAnna and Nate realized that getting married was what mattered. Once they realized that eloping in Lake Tahoe made perfect sense, we began discussing a variety of options. Since the basin is a such a large area, there are many places to elope in Lake Tahoe. For example, this couple chose a Sand Harbor wedding in order to spend the whole day outdoors, right next to the water. A vacation home made this Lake Tahoe micro wedding possible at an amazing property above the water. Lastly, a winter Lake Tahoe elopement is a cooler adventure option for those who love seeing the mountains covered in snow. Compared to some other spots that I suggested LeAnna and Nate consider, Eagle Rock’s sweeping views and relatively short hike made it the best choice for them.

I met them and two friends at their home in Truckee. A first look got some of the pre-ceremony jitters out, and meant that they could all travel together to the lake. When we reached the top of Eagle Rock, the late afternoon sunlight illuminated their chosen ceremony spot perfectly. I loved the “time machine” box they created during their ceremony. After the vows, their friends went ahead of us down the trail to prepare a lakeside picnic table with wedding cake and drinks.

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