For many couples this past year, a Lake Tahoe micro wedding became a necessary alternative to the large event they could not have. But for many others, a small wedding was actually a right-sized wedding. I believe Lisa and Scott fit into the latter category. Rather than stress about a large, complex affair, they opted instead for one of the best views in Tahoe. There are many incredible (and rentable) waterfront homes around the lake. Lisa and Scott did some scouting by boat (and internet) and found this amazing property not far from where they live.

When I started out as a Lake Tahoe wedding photographer more than ten years ago, I mistakenly thought that big celebrations inherently meant more action. Over the years, however, I discovered that small weddings like this one have more than just one silver lining. With less physical ground to cover, my decision-making on the wedding day can sometimes be a little more straightforward. As opposed to trying to photograph hundreds of guests enjoying the day, I can focus more intently on the couple. I am then more likely to capture the caring and supportive gestures. The wiping of tears from an emotional groom’s cheek. Or, the unreserved smiles when people are simply enjoying the present moment. After all, beautiful moments don’t necessarily occur strictly during the “main” events.

Might a Lake Tahoe micro wedding be the right-sized celebration for you?

Sometimes we fall into a trap of thinking that a bigger celebration is a better one. If you are brave enough to consider a micro wedding (or even a North Lake Tahoe elopement– like this one!) rather than defaulting to a large, traditional wedding, then I salute you. Quite often, the smaller your wedding, the more it becomes a reflection of the two of you rather than an event built on other people’s expectations, opinions, or needs. For example, this pre-COVID Sand Harbor wedding included a core group of wedding guests out of preference, not necessity. Similarly, this rock-climbing couple planned a Tuolumne Meadows elopement in order to maintain a small footprint in a stunning outdoor location that is very special to them.

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