Many couples gravitate towards the more “traditional” afternoon ceremony timeline. But you may want to consider saying “I Do” before noon! Hannah and Chris planned a Lake Tahoe morning wedding and kicked off married life before siesta time even began. Which is exactly what you might need after brunch, mimosas, and midday dancing in the mountains. Of course, there are pros and cons to a morning wedding itinerary. Keep reading, I’ll get into those. To start, I want to share some of my favorite parts of their wedding at Sunnyside Restaurant and Lodge.

Although Sunnyside is a more intimate venue, Hannah and Chris made excellent use of the space. Eight bridesmaids helped Hannah get ready in one of the upstairs suites, while six groomsmen donned ties with Chris in the restaurant below. Organized and supportive bridesmaids are worth their weight in gold on a wedding day. I loved the morning light coming through the windows from the lake as everyone gathered around Hannah. Chris and the guys had free rein of the restaurant downstairs, which is also where he met Hannah met for their “no look” first look. Holding hands around a corner, Chris and Hannah shared wedding day letters they wrote to one another. As for a ceremony location, you can’t beat the lake view from the Sunnyside deck. Brunch followed, along with cake cutting and dancing on the deck. It is always fun seeing couples admiring their wedding rings as everything finally begins to settle in. And some first dances simply have a special energy of their own (see below).

Tips for a Lake Tahoe Morning Wedding

If you are thinking of a morning wedding in Lake Tahoe, there are some important things to consider. First, you will probably have to wake up extra early! Especially if you have a larger wedding party with many hair/makeup appointments. Hannah told me they all woke up at 5am to get started. I started photography at 8am. If you have a ceremony before 10am, brunch is often the best meal to share with your guests. It’s basically two meals in one, so everyone will find something that fits their appetite. Unlike evening weddings, dancing is usually not a multi-hour affair. So, most morning weddings wind down after food, toasts, and a little bit of dancing. Whereas evening receptions are often fueled by great music, drinking, and celebration into the night, most guests at a morning wedding are heading out by mid-afternoon. If you can party non-stop until 3am after attending a morning wedding, you may have superpowers!

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