Everline Resort and Spa is an award-winning resort with breathtaking views of mountain peaks, majestic pine trees, and Olympic Valley. This magical setting is the perfect backdrop for any special event, which makes it one of my favorite places to photograph a wedding.

A bride walks hand-in-hand through a meadow of wildflowers during sunset in Olympic Valley.

At this Everline Resort wedding, the bride and groom wanted a beautiful album with candid photos that captured the feeling of their wedding day. They also wanted scenic photos that showed the incredible natural surroundings. Since I specialize in candid photos with a documentary style, they decided I would be the right photographer for their big day. Since I photograph weddings here frequently and know the venue well, they felt confident in my approach and that I could deliver some gorgeous sunset photos in the meadow.

Getting Ready

If you have a large bridal party, or would just like a little more space, I recommend the larger suites for pre-ceremony photos. The larger rooms mean less clutter in background of photos, and bigger windows generally mean brighter, more flattering light.

In this case, I photographed the bride and her 8 bridesmaids one of the smaller hotel rooms. While this isn’t ideal, I am all about taking those lemons and making some lemonade. After photographing hundreds of weddings in my career, I know how to work with practically any lighting situation and floor plan. So, I took advantage of some creative lighting and strategic angles to focus on the bride’s joy and capture her loving friends helping prepare for the ceremony.

Hairspray puts the final touches on a bride as she gets ready in an Everline Resort hotel room.
Black and white portrait of a bride putting on her earrings in an Everline hotel room.
Bridesmaids in silky black robes laugh with the bride during her earring selection.
Bridesmaids in silky black robes react joyfully as the bride walks into the room wearing her wedding dress.

Before I photograph a wedding, I like to know who will be in the wedding party and who will be helping you get ready before the ceremony. Knowing that the bride and her maid of honor are very close, I kept my camera ready for special moments like this.

A bride and her maid of honor sharing a loving embrace in a hotel room.
A maid of honor helps pin long, white chiffon bridal wings to the back of the bride's dress.

I love this minimalist black and white portrait of the bride in front of a large window, showing off the back of her dress and the bridal wings pinned onto shoulders.

Minimalist black and white portrait of a bride standing in front of a large window, wearing a white dress with bridal wings pinned to the shoulders.

In order to capture special moments throughout the day, I keep my eyes open and my camera ready. When it comes to documenting fleeting laughter, tears, and loving glances, timing is everything. I love the photo below, yet another beautiful moment between the bride and her maid of honor.

A bride and her maid of honor share a loving moment of friendship as they walk past shopping at Everline Resort and Spa.

Afternoon Portraits

An important part of my technical skillset is knowing how to work with bright midday mountain sun. I like to shoot a few portraits throughout the day, especially at a picturesque venue like this. For one thing, I always love a romantic silhouette. And at this wedding I realized that the bridal wings on the bride’s dress bounced additional fill light onto the couple’s faces, eliminating shadows and lighting up a beautiful moment between the bride and groom.

As the couple embraces, a bride's white chiffon bridal wings fly up into the air behind her.
Olympic Valley is a picturesque setting for romantic, intimate portraits of the bride and groom.

Wedding Ceremony

The 10th Tee of the Golf Course is a popular summertime ceremony site at Everline Resort and Spa. Check out that view!

The wedding ceremony location on the 10th Tee of the Golf Course at Everline Resort & Spa.

This couple’s ceremony started at 4:30pm, which is common for Lake Tahoe weddings during the summer. This schedule avoids the midday heat, and allows for a timely transition to cocktail hour and the reception. However, the light is still bright in these mountains at 4:30pm!

When I photograph a wedding at Everline Resort, I choose my lenses, my focal lengths, and my shooting angles carefully. The most important thing is that I capture the key moments, the loving glances, the laughter, and maybe even a teardrop or two.

A groom and his eight groomsmen wait for the bride to arrive at an outdoor black tie wedding ceremony.
The father of the bride walks his daughter down the aisle at an outdoor summertime wedding at Everline Resort and Spa.
Outdoor summertime wedding under a wooden ceremony arch at Everline Resort & Spa.
A joyful exchange of vows under a simple wooden arch at an Everline Resort wedding.
An emotional wedding ceremony on the Golf Course at Everline Resort & Spa.
Outdoor Lake Tahoe wedding ceremony at a mountain resort.
First kiss as husband and wife at an Everline Resort & Spa wedding on the Golf Course 10th Tee.
A celebratory moment for the bride and groom as they are pronounced married at Everline Resort & Spa in Olympic Valley.
A joyful bride and groom at their wedding at the Golf Course ceremony location.

The Pavilion Reception

This couple hosted their reception at The Pavilion, which is one of the largest outdoor reception options at Everline Resort & Spa. In the photos below, you can see the view from their sweetheart table, as well as an overview perspective of the entire area.

View from the sweetheart table location at a Pavilion wedding reception at Everline Resort.
The view of The Pavilion, a wedding reception area at Everline Resort and Spa in Lake Tahoe.

After the ceremony and some family portraits, the bride and groom made their grand entrance into the reception area, immediately followed by their graceful first dance as a married couple.

A fun grand entrance for the bride and groom at their wedding reception on The Pavilion.
A happy bride and groom enjoy their first dance as husband and wife at an outdoor wedding reception under the pine trees.
The couple's first dance as husband and wife is a traditional way to kick off the reception.
A choreographed wedding dance on an outdoor dance floor at The Pavilion reception area.

Cutting the wedding cake is a traditional part of the wedding day. While some couples like to be the center of attention while they cut their wedding cake, I photograph many weddings without attention surrounding this event. But that doesn’t mean the bride won’t smash cake in her groom’s face!

Smashing the wedding cake on the groom's face.

Sunset Bride and Groom Portraits

This is one of the most scenic places for sunset photos on your wedding day. At any time of year, timing is key for these pictures. Too early and the sun can be too bright. If you’re late, you will miss those last rays of light before they set behind Granite Chief Peak. At this wedding, we timed it perfectly and I used my creative eye to make some artistic and romantic wedding portraits of the bride and groom.

At Everline Resort & Spa, the valley meadow is a good location for sunset photos.
Summertime wedding at Everline Resort & Spa. Bride and groom kissing on the edge of the golf course as the sun sets behind the mountains.
A groom leads his bride through a golden meadow in Olympic Valley as the sun sets behind Granite Chief peak.
Artistic sunset silhouette of a groom and bride as her white chiffon bridal wings float in the air behind her.
Sunset in Olympic Valley. A bride and groom stand on the edge of the golf course.
A groom embraces his bride in a green field with yellow and purple wildflowers.
The bride and groom share a kiss at a  sunset photo location in Olympic Valley.

Wedding Speeches and Dancing at The Pavilion

As the sun set behind the mountains, wedding party and family members entertained guests with speeches and toasts. Traditional dances with parents followed afterwards. Be sure to check out the last photo below, which shows their reception at The Pavilion during twilight when the sky turned blue everyone crowded the dance floor!

Best man making a funny wedding speech at an outdoor reception.
The best man presents an entertaining speech to the bride and groom.
Bride dancing with her dad at The Pavilion, one of the reception venues at Everline Resort and Spa.

Throughout the entire day, I keep an eye out for special moments that I can document with my camera. In the photo below, I capture the bride and her maid of honor sharing a special moment during the traditional “Mother and Son” dance.

Bride and her maid of honor stand together while watching the groom dance with his mom.
A wide angle view of The Pavilion, an outdoor wedding reception area at Everline Resort and Spa.

Wedding Photography

Are you getting married at Everline Resort & Spa? Let’s talk! Shoot me an email via my contact page to see if I am available on your wedding day. To see more of my work, check out my main wedding portfolio page.

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