This fall, I had the pleasure of photographing this romantic lakeside engagement proposal in Lake Tahoe. Like most of the surprise proposals that I photograph, the groom-to-be and I planned this together in secret. His girlfriend had no idea what was about to happen!

A man surprises his girlfriend at their private wedding proposal at a beautiful lakeside location near Lake Tahoe.
Getting down on one knee for a fall surprise wedding proposal at a beautiful location in Lake Tahoe.
First kiss as a fiancé after a surprise wedding proposal in front of a blue lake.

Planning a Surprise Proposal

When the groom-to-be first contacted me, he asked about the best places to propose in Lake Tahoe. He told me that, if possible, he wanted to propose to his girlfriend right next to the lake. Ideally, there would not be anyone else nearby. We discussed some ideas and I recommended a few locations. The best thing about this spot is that is is private and very easy to find. And the view is stunning!

As an engagement and proposal photographer, I use my years of experience to recommend the best timing and location for these kinds of photoshoots. Since I will remain “undercover” until after you propose, it is important that we discuss logistics ahead of time. In order to get the best photos, there has to be a clear plan.

For this surprise proposal, I sent a couple photos of the location. I even provided a short video in which I explained how to get to the correct spot. Anticipating the sun position and time of year, I recommended the best times of day for this shoot. Additionally, I explained in advance where they should be standing.

Joy and surprise at a wedding proposal in front of a large lake and distant mountains.

Engagement Photos

Typically, these photoshoots include around 30 minutes of photography coverage. So, after I photographed the proposal and her joyous reaction, I guided the couple to a few nearby spots for some additional photos to capture this momentous occasion.

Afternoon surprise wedding proposal and engagement photos on the rocky eastern shore of Lake Tahoe.
A couple enjoys a quiet, happy moment at their surprise proposal next to a lake.
Excitement and awe at a surprise wedding proposal in a gorgeous lakeside location.
A surprise engagement at a private, scenic location next to Lake Tahoe.

Surprise Marriage Proposal Photography Packages

In addition to photos, my pricing for Surprise Proposals includes logistical support before the day. This is important to get the best photos. My rate includes location selection, shooting time, editing, and hosting in an online gallery. Shooting time also includes a few additional photos of the two of you after the actual proposal itself. Delivery of the photos is within a few days.

One of the best things about hiring me to take pictures of your proposal is that I credit the cost of your proposal photography back to you if you decide to hire me as your wedding photographer. Of course, this depends on when and where you will be getting married. And whether I am available on your date. But it is a great way to continue the relationship. By knowing one another already before the big day, your wedding photos will be even better as a result!

Have you been wondering how to propose in Lake Tahoe? Are you wondering how to find a photographer for a surprise proposal? Click over to my contact page and shoot me a message! You can also check out some more examples of my surprise proposal photography on my portfolio page.

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