Planning a wedding in Lake Tahoe? Rest assured, you’ll be surrounded by breathtaking scenery year-round, providing a beautiful backdrop for your vows. At this Everline Resort wedding, a golden hour glow and snow-capped peaks framed an outdoor ceremony among the pine trees.

Since this couple wanted photos that captured their entire day, they booked my all-day package. I documented their wedding journey from beginning to end, capturing the intimate moments of getting ready to the joyous energy on the dance floor.

Everline Resort & Spa is one of the best places to get married in Olympic Valley.
A bride and groom enjoy a romantic moment during their Everline Resort sunset photos session.

Getting Ready at Everline Resort

Whenever possible, I try to capture a few landscape photos that showcase the venue and surrounding area. These often become a large spread in the couple’s album. Or, the couple might order enlargements to decorate their home.

As soon as I arrived, I headed to one of my favorite spots to capture a few scene-setting photos. Together, Snow King, KT-22, Palisades, Emigrant, and Granite Chief Peak all form the picturesque skyline beyond Everline Resort.

A wide-angle view of Olympic Valley and the Palisades Tahoe Aerial Tram.

One of the best things about an all-day wedding photography package is that I can capture the excitement of an entire wedding journey from start to finish. With attention to little moments throughout the day, I am able to tell the story of the wedding through documentary-style photos.

A Lake Tahoe wedding makeup artist applies finishing spray to a bride's face.

This includes the fun moments that happen between the bride and her bridal party while everyone is getting ready.

Since it usually takes the bride longer to get ready, I typically spend more time with her. But photos of the groom getting ready are important too. So, I always try to spend some time with the guys as well.

Putting the finishing touches on a groom's silk green tie.
Zipping up a bride's backless wedding dress with long sleeves.
The bride and her mother share a special moment in an Everline Resort hotel room.

After her mother helped button the back of her wedding dress, the bride and her father met for their own “Dad and Daughter First Look”.

The bride and her dad enjoy an emotional moment during their father and daughter wedding day first look.

Before heading outside for a first look with the groom, the bride added her veil.

Sunset portrait of a bride wearing a white fur wrap for a winter wedding.

First Look in Front of Resort Chair

In order to see one another and share wedding vows before the ceremony, this couple opted for a first look.

In general, I’d say that about half of the weddings I photograph include a first look. If you think you might have a few jitters on the big day, it’s a pretty reliable way of calming any nerves. Also, it’s a romantic way to simply enjoy some time together before all eyes are on the two of you during the ceremony!

In addition to a bit of quality time together, a first look also allows me to photograph most (of not all) of your family portraits and wedding party photos before the ceremony. This means you can enjoy more time with guests during your cocktail hour.

A bride and groom meet each other for a first look at Everline Resort.

There are several locations that I like for a first look at Everline Resort & Spa. At this wedding, I recommended the patio area in front of the Resort Chair. While this spot is usually too bright during summertime, it works well at a fall wedding because the sun is lower in the sky.

Bride and Groom Photos in the Meadow

After the first look, I photographed some environmental portraits of the bride and groom in the meadow. Olympic Valley is such a stunning location for a wedding in Lake Tahoe. So, I captured some candid moments of the couple as they strolled through this landscape and enjoyed the views.

A bride and groom that decided to get married at Everline Resort & Spa enjoy a romantic moment together in Olympic Valley.

One of the most important things to know when planning sunset photos at Everline Resort & Spa is where the sun will be on the wedding day.

As most people know, “Golden Hour” (aka “Magic Hour”) is a time of day just before sunset. This is when the sunlight softens, shadows lengthen, and everyone becomes more photogenic.

Unlike many other locations, Golden Hour in the mountains typically occurs earlier in the day. This is because the sun sets behind the mountains before the official sunset time for that day. The tricky thing, however, is that the skyline at every venue is different, and the sun sets at different times throughout the year!

In order to plan ahead and overcome this challenge, I use an app on my phone that shows me the trajectory of the sun at any location in the world. So, before this wedding, I stopped by the venue for a quick scouting mission. Within a couple minutes, I knew the best time for sunset photos at Everline Resort on the wedding day.

When they are building timelines, wedding planners frequently ask me the best timing for sunset photos. Thanks to this tool and a little bit of prep work, I always have the right answer!

Sunset photos at Everline Resort & Spa with Olympic Valley and mountains in the background.

Ceremony on the Spa Deck

Perched above the valley floor, the Spa Deck is a spacious patio featuring wide-angle views of the majestic Sierra peaks.

After the wedding party made their entrance, it was time for the bride and her dad to walk down the aisle. In order to capture them walking down the stone stairway below the hotel, I quickly sprinted down the aisle and lined up in front of them for this photo.

A bride and her father walk down the stairs to a wedding on the Spa Deck.

Next, I quickly returned to my starting position to capture a photo of the groom waiting for his bride.

A bride getting married on the Spa Deck at Everline Resort walks down the aisle with her dad.

Once the ceremony was underway, I moved to the rear of the Spa Deck to shoot a wide-angle view of the entire venue. Although the sun had already set, the open shade in the valley meant I could shoot from any angle with flattering results.

A wide-angle view of an Everline Resort evening wedding on the Spa Deck.

This couple wanted a short and sweet ceremony. There weren’t any readings or long introductions. Since they read their vows privately during their first look, I worked quickly and efficiently to capture these important moments.

Green bridesmaid dresses at an outdoor Everline Resort wedding.

As the couple exited the wedding ceremony, I kept my camera ready for the so-called “second kiss”, which often occurs partway down the aisle.

Reception in the Grand Sierra Ballroom

After cocktails on the Sun Deck, the bride and groom made their grand entrance into the Grand Sierra Ballroom.

In order to get the party started, bridesmaids put on 80’s style sunglasses cheered them as they entered the room!

Next, the father of the bride welcomed everyone to the wedding.

Afterwards, the maid of honor toasted the happy couple. And the best man presented a hilarious speech that had the whole room laughing out loud!

A groomsman makes a champagne toast in the Grand Sierra Ballroom.
The groom feeds the bride a slice of wedding cake at their reception in the Grand Sierra Ballroom at Everline Resort.

After cutting the wedding cake, the newlyweds performed a choreographed first dance as a married couple.

First dance as newlyweds in the Grand Sierra Ballroom.

Then, the parent dances!

Dancing with the father of the bride at an indoor ballroom reception.
The mother of the groom dances with her son at an Everline Resort indoor reception.
Female wedding guests prepare for the bride's bouquet toss.

The bride tossed her bouquet, and the wedding band began playing their first set.

A team of musicians back the lead singer of a wedding band that performs in Lake Tahoe.
A strapless green bridesmaid dress offers extra range of motion and freedom for dancing during the reception.
A reception in the Grand Sierra ballroom at Everline is a good choice for rainy or cold weather.
Wedding guests lift the bride and groom up on chairs.

Wedding Photography Packages

Are you getting married at Everline Resort & Spa? I would love to photograph your wedding! Head over to my contact page to get the process started.

My Lake Tahoe wedding photography packages range from all-day coverage to custom, hourly coverage that can fit any timeline or type of celebration.

To see more examples of my work, check out my wedding photography portfolio page. You can learn more about this valley on my Olympic Valley weddings page. And, you can see more photos from this specific venue on my Everline Resort weddings page.

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