On a warm afternoon in November, I met Eric and AJ for Sand Harbor engagement photos. Even though a Lake Tahoe wedding was already in the works, this was a great way to get to know one another and see if I might also be a good fit for their wedding. As with many couples I photograph, it took a few shots (the photographic kind) to warm up and find the right groove. However, they quickly realized their primary task was easy- focus on each more other than anything else. Once we crossed that point, I knew we were on our way to creating some beautiful images they would love.

As we left the parking lot and walked towards the lake, we stopped for a few moments at a park bench. This photo turned out to be one of my favorite photos from the afternoon. After that, Eric and AJ said they were up for some rock scrambling, so we headed towards some of the granite boulders that line the shore. Large boulders are often separated by large gaps, and jumping is sometimes the only way to get across. Seeing (and photographing) these guys coach each other through the terrain, I heard some important reminders about the power of patience and encouragement.

My favorites from the session are below. Be sure to keep scrolling for some Sand Harbor engagement photography tips!

Tips for Sand Harbor Engagement Photography

If you are searching for a Lake Tahoe wedding photographer, I recommend this hiring strategy. Finding the right photographer for your wedding sometimes feels like a challenging prospect. Especially when you know that your wedding photographer will be an important part of your big day. As in this case, one easy solution is simply to meet up for engagement photos in Lake Tahoe beforehand. This provides the opportunity to get to know one another much better than you could over the phone. Additionally, these outdoor engagement photos will be a more casual set to complement the formal photos from your wedding day.

Needless to say, there are countless amazing locations for Lake Tahoe engagement photos. Sand Harbor State Park is one of many, but it remains a top choice. This state park is well-known among Lake Tahoe wedding photographers as a great place for outdoor engagement photos. With that in mind, don’t be surprised if you see other photography sessions underway. During the summer, parking spaces are often full by 9am. This means you will be weaving your way through the crowds with fewer chances of finding a quiet, peaceful setting. Spring and fall are the best times for Sand Harbor engagement photos. You won’t be competing for real estate, and your photographer won’t be relying on Photoshop to remove inner tubes and pool noodles from your photos.

Regardless of season, Sand Harbor engagement photos require a commercial photo permit. As of writing, these permits cost $50/day and must be reserved well-in-advance. Alternatively, annual permits are available for $500/year. Tickets for shooting without a permit are on the rise, so planning ahead is your best bet!

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