Are you are looking for a stunning location for Lake Tahoe engagement photos? If so, put Sand Harbor State Park on your short list! The mountain landscape and the rocky granite shoreline are both picturesque and wildly rugged. It is a gorgeous location for engagement pictures with a combination of sandy beaches and jumbled rocks. For those not afraid of some scrambling, the rocks offer a dramatic position over the water. If you would prefer to skip the bouldering and just keep your toes in the sand, you can do that too.

Lake Tahoe is at 6,225′ above sea level. The atmosphere is thinner, and the light is often quite bright. Especially near the water. But if you know when to shoot, and which angles work best, you can find beautiful lighting conditions.

An adventurous couple, Lori and Chris wanted to explore the rocks. As well as the forest. And the beach! I dedicate one and a half to two hours for most Lake Tahoe engagement photography sessions. So, that gave us plenty of time for photos from late afternoon all the way until sunset. We found some great light lakeside, along with some soft backlight in among the trees. Since they were excited to get their feet wet, we even waded into the lake for a few shots. I loved the golden light and yellow leaves reflected in the water surface of that cove- see below!

I am a Lake Tahoe wedding photographer specializing in outdoor ceremonies, elopements, “mini-monies,” and portrait sessions. If you enjoyed these Sand Harbor engagement photos, check out these Squaw Valley engagement photos. If it’s just the venue you’re after, check out the photos from this Sand Harbor wedding.

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