September is one of the best months to get married in Lake Tahoe. The water is still warm. The kids are back in school. That means empty beaches and open roads. Best of all, the blue skies are still crankin’. You might see a raindrop or (if you’re really lucky) a snowflake. If you ask me, that’s all part of a mountain wedding adventure. Mikaela and Hunter’s Lake Tahoe West Shore Cafe wedding was in my sights for over a year. I photographed their friends’ wedding several years back and they contacted me early to make sure I would be available on their day. I mean, it’s always a bonus seeing couples again a few years into married life 🙂

Before their first look, Mikaela and Hunter prepped in two of the West Shore Cafe’s upstairs suites. These lakefront rooms boast some of the best views in Tahoe (see below). If you are planning to see one another before the ceremony, the pier is a great spot. In particular, I loved the lenticular clouds stretching over the lake that day. Any other day, I would simply lie back and watched those clouds for a couple hours. Taking the time to stare at clouds is something I believe we should all spend more time doing. But I digress!

Overall, there are four wedding ceremony sites at the West Shore Cafe. They each have their own merits. The lakefront lawn continues to be one of my favorite locations due to the filtered light backlight coming through the Aspen trees. This light perfectly illuminates anyone walking down the aisle. Additionally, I love the green setting of trees and grass in contrast to the blue sky and water in the opposite direction. With no obstructions around the “altar,” ceremonies here feel very intimate for wedding guests, and I believe the photos capture this closeness.

On the whole, I would be remiss not to mention their party! At every wedding I have seen him DJ over the years, Zeb at Sounds Elevated has always hit the mark. This dance party was no different. Let’s just say some clothes were left on the dance floor 🙂

West Shore Cafe weddings (click link for more photos!) have a very unique and special feel. Aside from Lake Tahoe homes and privates estates, there aren’t many other Lake Tahoe wedding venues this close to the water. For more ideas and inspiration, check out a couple more favorite posts about this venue!

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