Natalie and Jordan spend a lot of time in Tahoe. As a result, they know the different seasons here in the mountains pretty well. They knew that a snowy landscape would be a perfect backdrop for winter Lake Tahoe engagement photos. We received a bunch of snow early on this winter. But on the whole, the weather was fairly mild after that. Amazingly, we were pretty comfortable shooting without having to wear our big, puffy jackets. If you are considering pre-wedding photos in Lake Tahoe, shooting during our colder months can be worth the effort.

For one thing, winter offers your photos a completely different look than summer. The mountains look so dramatic covered in snow. This means any color in your clothing will pop out of the photos more, making you stand out in the scene. Snowy mountains also carry a feeling of serenity. This lends quite a dramatic aesthetic to your engagement photos. In terms of practical considerations, many of the scenic locations around Tahoe can be less crowded during the winter. If you are adventurous and know how to dress for the conditions, we might be the only people on the mountain!

Any amount of wind can add some energy to your photos, which was certainly the case at this session (click to see what I mean!). Additionally, the sun is lower in the sky from December to March. Generally, this produces softer and more flattering light. But it can also mean some dramatic light in the last moments of daylight. Especially if there are clouds near the horizon, which you can see in a few of the photos below. In case you are a morning person, don’t rule out photos at sunrise. This winter Lake Tahoe elopement at sunrise included some of my favorite photos to date.

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