With countless locations for pre-wedding photos in the Lake Tahoe area, how do you decide? Most of the time, people want to capture all the incredible things about being here. Namely blue sky, blue water, mountain peaks, and majestic pine trees. Chimney Beach engagement photos include all these elements. The key is timing (and a few other things) at this beautiful beach.

Engagement photography by Lake Tahoe was one of Brianna and Andrew’s priorities. Mainly because they are planning a summer wedding at the Rainbow Lodge. You can find this historic venue sits right next to the South Yuba River. The river is an idyllic setting. Especially considering the granite peaks and valleys on Donner Summit. But wouldn’t it be great to include the lake in their wedding photography collection somehow? Brianna and Andrew live and work in Tahoe. So, we compared notes on picturesque lakeside locations and quickly agreed on Chimney Beach.

If you are considering the idea of Chimney Beach engagement photos, there are some important logistics to keep in mind. First of all, I recommend sticking to weekdays. At least during the summer months. The hike from your car down to Chimney Beach isn’t particularly long. But like most of the beaches on the northeastern side of Lake Tahoe, Chimney Beach can be very crowded when the weather is nice. As a rule, I try to avoid crowds during Lake Tahoe engagement photos. Fall, winter, and spring are almost always a safe bet.

Second, be sure to bring hiking footwear. Even if you bring another pair “for the photos.” The hike going down is fairly easy, but the trail is dusty. Returning to your car, you will appreciate having comfortable shoes. In the event we explore some of the boulders by the water, these shoes may also help your footing and make you more comfortable on the rocky shoreline. I generally encourage couples to bring a second outfit. If you have a duffel to carry a change of clothes, you will be able to set extra clothing down as we move around and shoot in different spots. Lastly, keep an eye on the weather forecast. This side of the lake is exposed to the predominantly southwesterly winds. Summertime breezes aren’t usually an issue, but windy days can be cold during fall, winter, and spring. Even when the sun is shining.

As a Lake Tahoe photographer, Chimney Beach engagement photos are a fun way to get to know a bride and groom before their wedding day. Views of the lake from this beach are stunning, and this side of the lake gets the last light after every other shoreline is already in shade. This means some of the best evening alpenglow in Lake Tahoe!

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