Claire and Jake are among the sweetest, most down-to-earth couples ever. In many respects, the location of their wedding wouldn’t matter one bit. They could marry alone on a mountaintop- it would still be a moving and heartfelt event. That being said, this venue offers a quiet and secluded natural setting just steps away from downtown Tahoe City. After many years of patiently waiting to photograph a Gatekeepers Museum wedding, I finally did!

Even after 10 years as a Lake Tahoe wedding photographer, there are still some new-to-me wedding venues. It’s a numbers thing, really. As you can imagine, venue generally comes first. Except for some elopements. In those cases, I often make recommendations. But I digress!

Gatekeepers Museum is a fascinating relic from the early days of Lake Tahoe. The museum is a reconstruction of the original 1909 cabin that housed the “gatekeepers” who operated the dam, regulating the flow of water out of Lake Tahoe. Interestingly, it stands on the same site where the original building stood before an arson fire burned it to the ground in the early 1980s. Although the museum is the main attraction for tourists and visitors, the peaceful forest and shoreline are the highlights of a wedding here.

We started the day in Squaw Valley at a family home. After some getting ready photos and a “first look,” we headed to the lake. From their ceremony site, we were a stone’s throw away from the blue water of Lake Tahoe. Under their own personalized chuppah, Claire and Jake exchange vows, rings, and sealed the deal by stomping on a glass. I loved capturing their glances to one another during their relaxed, traditional Jewish ceremony. I also enjoyed witnessing and photographing some beautiful moments with their parents. As a new dad, these loving and mutually respectful family relationships were a welcome inspiration for me.

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