Teresa and Ken celebrated aspects of both Persian and Japanese wedding traditions at this gorgeous Lake Tahoe Ritz Carlton wedding. This was an incredible experience for me, because I love weddings that incorporate different traditions and customs. To say nothing of a couple who serves their guests cake before the main course!

If you host your wedding at the Ritz Carlton Highlands, you can choose between several ceremony venues. Teresa and Ken opted for the Fireside Terrace for the Aghd, or ceremony portion of the day. This was an ideal location for their Sofreh Aghd, the Persian wedding spread. The Sofreh is a spread that includes numerous symbolic items, all of which are auspicious for the wedding couple. This spread generally includes spices, flowers, mirrors, silk linens, fruit, nuts, the Quran, eggs, flowers and rosewater.

Alongside the beautiful Sofreh, Teresa and Ken also included many of the same traditions you see at Lake Tahoe weddings. Such as the exchange of the rings, and readings by friends and family. I especially liked the canopy their female friends held above their heads. During the ceremony, each person holding the canopy takes turns grinding two sugar cones together over their heads. As they do this, the sugar granules fall into the canopy, symbolically showering the couple in sweetness.

During the reception, Ken’s father explained the Daruma Doll gifts that they gave all of their wedding guests. The Japanese Daruma Doll is rich in symbolism. Specifically, it is regarded as a talisman of perseverance and good luck.

As a Lake Tahoe wedding photographer, Teresa and Ken’s Ritz Carlton wedding was a rare treat!

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